Ballet Folklorico Herencia de Mexico

Program Director and Choreographer: Araceli Lopez

Ballet Folklorico Herencia de Mexico is the performing arm of the Latin Art Organization of Arkansas (LAOA). BFHM was founded in October 2013 in Springdale, Arkansas by Araceli Lopez, with the objective of promote Mexican Culture in Northwest Arkansas. It started with 8 members.

Ballet Folklorico Herencia de Mexico’s objective is to educate and provide performing opportunities to people of all ages. The company draws on traditional dance, music and songs as tools for cultural transmission.

The Ballet Folklorico brings to life the spirit and culture of rich colorful past of Mexico.

Dance instruction is available to all interested individuals, and the dancers in Ballet Folklorico range from the young enthusiastic 6-year-old to the experienced adult dancer. Reflecting the traditions, customs, and lifestyles of various regions in Mexico, the beautifully costumed dancers showcase the excitement of folk dances.

The professional dance instructors at Ballet Folklorico Herencia de Mexico have 20 of years of combined experience in the art of Ballet Folklorico. Led by Araceli Lopez, our dancers performed at events all around Northwest Arkansas. Ballet Folklorico Herencia de Mexico is also one of the only studios in the region that has traveled to Las Vegas, Nevada, to train with the Dance Masters of Ballet Folklorico Nacional Aztlan de Silvia Lozano.

The company offers children’s dance lessons for children as young as 6 years of age. In addition to learning the traditional dances from the various States in Mexico, the students have the opportunity learn respect for the culture, the language, and geography of the country.

Ballet Folklorica also offers danza folklorica workshops to schools. If your school is looking for an after school activity, the company can offer two hours of folkloric dance lesson twice a week

Ballet Folklorico Herencia de Mexico’s future plans include the acquisition of a permanent location for rehearsals and shows, to attend more workshops, to bring in guest maestros from Mexico, and to continue to perform throughout Arkansas and the US.

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Program Director: Roberto Gonzalez

To develop an appreciation for music and its development.

To understand regional and historical variations of Folkloric Mexican music.

To develop the ability to successfully demonstrate a variety of Folkloric Music skills and techniques using appropriate instruments

To incorporate traditional rhythms used in Folkloric Music into musical performances.

To increase awareness of literal and emotional content of music.

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Working Hands: Arts and Crafts for Kids

Arts and crafts will stimulate children’s minds while providing fun and educational activities.

To create/develop interest in arts/crafts by providing educational activities to teach about Latin American arts/crafts.

To instill appreciation and hunger in the traditions of Latin American arts/crafts and to encourage exploration of new ideas.

A structured environment provided for children and youth as an alternative to unsupervised care after school.

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